Sunday, June 14, 2009

RPA Chairman's Address

Dear fellow parents,

On behalf of the 2009 RPA Management Committee, I sincerely welcome your participation in the RPA.

We, the RPA Management Committee, are a group of parents who come together to volunteer our time to serve the school. The RPA is an important partner of the school and we are fortunate to receive strong support from the school management, including the principal Mrs Lim Lai Cheng.

The RPA aims to provide a platform for parents to take on an increasingly active role and provide parents with many opportunities to volunteer their time, effort and resources to support their children's education, with the goal of promoting the social, emotional and intellectual growth of our children.

Participation in the RPA also offers parents opportunities to attend various enrichment programs and activities organised by the RPA for the benefit of parents. Such activities include parenting talks; career talks; etc.

The RPA's key focus areas are:-

* Helping parents to engage with the School

* Working with parents to promote the well-being of RI students

* Supporting the school

We look forward to your active participation in various RPA activities. We also hope that you can assist with their organisation and execution.

Please feel free to contact me or any of our Committee members if you like to play a more active role. We welcome any form of help, from cooking to web page maintenance; we need all the help that we can get.

This year, the school is launching the school foundation and will be naming it the 1823 Fund. RPA is committed to help the school raise at least $30k for the Fund with a Charity Dinner on August 15th, 2009. The Fund serves the duo purpose of providing financial assistance to needy students and spearheading new projects which benefit the community. We look forward to your strong support for this worthy cause.

Your active participation in the RPA will provide an excellent role model to your children on the spirit of SERVICE. As parents of future leaders, let us all lead by example in providing our Service to the school and the Rafflesian Parents' community with the ultimate aim of nurturing our children into great Thinkers, Leaders and Pioneers.

Thank you and look forward to meeting with you !

Chua Wah Ann

Chairman, RPA Management Commitee, 2009